Lawn Care

The Lawn Guy specializes in the following:

Personalized Lawn Maintenance Program – The health and care of your lawn is our priority.  Once a week, depending on the weather, we will mow your lawn, neatly trim around obstacles and blow walkways clean. As professionals, we adjust the mowing height, depending upon season-related weather conditions.

Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control – Lawn soil does not contain enough nutrients for healthy growth. Without proper nutrients, lawns may be less vigorous and lush.  Using the correct lawn care fertilizer and herbicide can be crucial.  Healthy, thick grass is the best way to prevent weeds from taking over your lawn.  We realize your pets are important to you.  The Lawn Guy offers a Pet Friendly fertilizer program so your dog can enjoy your lawn as much as you do.

Lawn AerationExperts agree one of the most important things you can do for the health of your lawn it to Aerate it annually.  Thatch normally occurs in every lawn and is usually broken down organically.  Aeration provides airflow to the soil which helps break down thatch.  To learn more about Lawn Aeration, please click on the link below.


Lawn Dethatching – Spring is the best time to Dethatch your lawn.  When you call the Lawn Guy, our team will use our commercial grade mowing equipment with dethatching tines attached to mechanically loosen the soil. The dead thatch and grass will be vacuumed up with commercial grade equipment and hauled away for recycling.

Spring Clean Up – We use our commercial mowers with dethatching tines to loosen the soil, and commercial blowers to remove leaves, trash and grass clippings from your lawn, shrubs and flower beds.  Grass and leaves will be hauled away and recycled.  We can always customize the cleanup to meet your specific needs.

Fall Clean Up – We will use commercial blowers to remove leaves, trash, and grass clippings from your bushes, flower beds and other landscaped areas at the end of the season. Depending on conditions and amount of leaves on your lawn we will either haul the waste away for recycling or mow-n-mulch your leaves (this returns rich organic matter back to the soil that can be very beneficial to the health of your lawn).  We can always customize the cleanup to meet your needs.