Terms and conditions

Weekly Lawn Mowing

All lawns are scheduled Monday-Thursday. If there is rain during the week, there is a possibility that your lawn could be moved from its normally scheduled day. Most likely to the next day. 

If there is a week you would like your lawn skipped, you need to notify our office, via email, 48 hours in advance of your mowing day.  If we arrived at your home and you advise the team you do not want your lawn mowed, you will be assessed a trip charge. ($25.00 Minimum)

Lawn Aeration

Before performing Lawn Aeration, any invisible pet fence wires, irrigation systems, drainage systems, low voltage wiring etc. need to be flagged by the homeowner.  Our tech's are only able to avoid things they can clearly see or, otherwise, flagged.  The Lawn Guy, LLC is not responsible for damage for miss- marked or unmarked objects at ground level or below ground. We will not aerate your lawn until you have notified us your lawn is ready to go.  General rule of thumb: if an object is within 2 inches of the surface and you don't want it to have a hole in it, it needs to be flagged.  


Your fertilizer needs to be applied by certain dates and time intervals.  The Lawn Guy will take care of this.  When your lawn is ready for the next treatment your address will be placed on a route.  When your treatment is complete, our licensed technician will leave a small sign in your lawn to indicate your treatment is done. 

Fertilizer treatments are pet/family friendly so there is no need to stay off the lawn.

Weed Control

Weed control is typically scheduled for the 2nd treatment. Many environmental factors influence when your turf is ready for this liquid treatment.  Occasionally this treatment will be applied on the same day as a fertilizing. These are still two separate treatments and will be billed accordingly.  Miscellaneous spot spraying of a few weeds is provided free of charge. Liquid weed control is safe for your family pets and other foot traffic once it has dried (a good rule of thumb is 2 hours).


Invoices are e-mailed at the end of the month and are due upon receipt.  Any dispute over charges must be made, via email, within 5 days of receipt. Invoices greater than 30 days past due will be accessed a 20% late fee. Accounts 60 days past due will be sent to Collections. You will be responsible for all associated attorney fees, court costs and misc fees.  

Change of Service/Cancellation of Service

If you would like to change or adjust your service during the season, send your request via email.  Please do not rely on passing information to the Crew or Technician servicing your property. 


In order to cancel your services The Lawn Guy, LLC must be notified via email at least 7 days prior.